Monday 01 September 2008

2008 Olympic Games: Showcasing China To The World And The World To China

Last month, the People’s Republic of China served as the host country for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, better known as the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. As a Chinese myself, I am proud of the opportunity and recognition that China was given by the world to host this important international event. In turn, China responded to the attention by delivering a grand spectacle at the opening and closing ceremonies for the world to see. The opening ceremony, in particular, showcased not only the technological prowess of a progressive country but also the enormous manpower of a united nation. In addition, it introduced the world to the artistic philosophy and the scientific advancement of China’s ancient past. Most importantly, however, this event has opened a doorway for the world’s nations to better understand China beyond its challenging politics and religions. Likewise, China must strive to take advantage of this opportunity to enrich its relationship with the world’s nations, so to realize someday the true human spirit of the Olympiad beyond its athletic competition.

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