Thursday 01 September 2005

Why Must We Care About The World Around Us?

No man is an island. We live in an interconnected world—interconnecte by geography, culture, politics, and economics. In this interconnected world, events that occur far away can deeply impact on the lives we live daily. Each day I keep myself informed of the events of the world around me through newspapers, books, radio, television, and now the internet. This is because, in today’s world, we can no longer live in a sheltered life as our ancestors once did. To be observant of the world around us allows us to be more perceptive of our own lives. It reminds us that we must be grateful for what we have been given in life when compared to those who have not been given what we take for granted. When our way of lives is threatened, we must step up to protect them and help others who share our way of lives. To refuse is to ignore the interconnected nature of our existence. We must care about the world around us, for otherwise the world will not exist for us to care.

By Philip Jong • At 02:05 PM • Under Column • Under Life
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