Wednesday 15 February 2006

Is The Canadian Government Stronger Or Weaker After The National Election?

As envisioned by many Canadians, the Conservative Party of Canada had won the national election held last month and defeated the incumbent Liberal Party of Canada. The margin of victory, however, was a small one. The party felt far short of the number of seats needed to form a majority government. With even smaller number of seats held, the newly formed Conservative minority government is leaner and structurally weaker than the Liberal minority government which it has replaced. This translates to an uphill battle for the Conservatives in power when attempting to pass any legislation, since much wheeling and dealing will be needed to curry favor from at least one of the opposition parties in order to gain enough support in the House of Commons. Many of the platform agendas raised by the Conservatives are likely not to be realized in full without compromises to satisfy the oppositions. In other words, our government will remain as a fracture democracy whose own certainty in yet another national election ahead soon.

By Philip Jong • At 08:24 PM • Under Column • Under World
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