Thursday 01 January 2009

The True Spirit Behind Making New Year’s Resolution

However arbitrary it may be, New Year represents a convenient time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past year and look forward to what we can achieve in the incoming year. It is at this time that we lay out our New Year’s resolution—a set of commitments which we promise to ourselves or others to fulfill over the ensuring year. These goals are often lofty, but they are always made with the best of intention. Sadly, few of us will succeed in meeting our aspiration each year, though we are quick to strive to try again with renewed vigor the following year. Perhaps this is the true spirit behind making New Year’s resolution: even when it is in our pride to face up to our challenges, it is in our struggle to meet these challenges that we actually learn to better ourselves.

By Philip Jong • At 12:01 AM • Under Column • Under Life • Under World
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